Weighing conveyor belt

Shkila has a variety of conveyor solutions from Siemens and is proud to partner with them to offer up continuous weighing systems.

The company has several types of tailor-made solutions which they adapt to their customers’ specific needs. This includes designing solutions with the required accuracy, adopting the right width of conveyor belt, integrating the weighing scales used by the customer and more.

Shkila and Siemens have a professional approach and go out of their way to optimize their solutions for their specific use cases. The various solutions range from 5% accuracy to 0.125% accuracy. For some systems, a commercial accuracy certificate can also be obtained.



Siemens’ film conveyor weighing solutions are versatile and easily customizable, consisting of three main parts:

1. The weighing system: This is a system with two or more transducers that detect the load on the conveyor belt. The scales are installed under the rolling shutters of the conveyor belt.

2. Speedometer: The speedometer measures the actual speed of the conveyor belt, modifying it as needed to ensure the smoothness of the conveyor belt at all times.

3. Weighing head: The weighing head performs mathematical calculations to make decisions about the flow rate of materials and to calculate the cumulative weight.

System parts images

Weight indicator

Conveyor weight



Each solution is tailored according to the customer’s needs.
Delivered in partnership with a leading global manufacturer.
Siemens provides specialist industrial knowledge.
Local integration by a leading Israeli supplier.
Unique electronics from the forefront of technology.
Perfect fit for the industrial environment in Israel.
Produced to international standards.

How It Works

  1. We start by gathering the information that we need from you, the customer.
  2. In partnership with Siemens, Shkila identifies and customizes the perfect solution for you from Siemens’ broad product portfolio.
  3. After your approval, the system is built and sent to Israel.
  4. Shkila performs the installation (which can be carried out independently according to Siemens’ instructions).
  5. A weighing technician calibrates the system.
  6. Initial training is carried out at the client’s site.


Systems of different sizes are available (up to 12,000 tons).
Accuracy of 0.125% -1%.
Monitors the flow rate at any moment.
Displays the total weight of material that’s flowed on the conveyor.

Here are our range of Siemens weighing solutions:


The most common industries we work in: Food, chemicals and tobacco
Main uses: Process control and process exit for light to medium loads.
Accuracy rate: +/-0.5%-1%
Maximum work rate: 50 tons per hour.


ענפים עיקריים בהם הוא נפוץ: מזון, כימיקלים, טבק
שימושים עיקריים: בקרת תהליך, בקרת יציאה מתהליך, תהליכים בקצב קל עד בינוני.
דיוק: +/-0.5%-1%
קצב עבודה מירבי: עד 100 טון בשעה.
ענפים עיקריים בהם הוא נפוץ: מחצבים, חקלאות, מכרות, מתכת
שימושים עיקריים: מסועים ניידים.
דיוק: +/-0.5%-1%
קצב עבודה מירבי: עד 5,000 טון בשעה.
ענפים עיקריים בהם הוא נפוץ: מחצבים, מכרות, מתכת
שימושים עיקריים: מגרסות ניידות, שדרוגי מזינים משקליים.
דיוק: +/-0.5%-1%
קצב עבודה מירבי: עד 2,400 טון בשעה.
ענפים עיקריים בהם הוא נפוץ: צמנט, כימיקלים, פלדה, מחצבים, מזון, מכרות
שימושים עיקריים: שימוש מסיבי בתעשיה, בקרת תהליך ומוצא יצור.
דיוק: 0.5% או טוב יותר
קצב עבודה מירבי: עד 12,000 טון בשעה.
ענפים עיקריים בהם הוא נפוץ: צמנט, כימיקלים, פלדה, מחצבים, מזון, מכרות
שימושים עיקריים: שימוש מסיבי בתעשיה, בקרת תהליך ומוצא יצור.
דיוק: MMI-2  – דיוק של 0.25%.
MMI-3 – דיוק של 0.125%.
קצב מירבי: עד 12,000 טון בשעה.

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