Shkila distributes its products according to treatment divisions.
The machine and weighing process division is responsible for all dosage and filling machines, weighing machines, scales in conveyor belts, continuous weighing, weighing tanks, ultrasonic height meters, radar height meters, conveyor speed gauges, and other, similar solutions.
The logistic solutions division caters to the weighing needs of logistic departments and logistics centers. These solutions include weighing in forklifts, weighing in manual and electric pallets, weighing in assemblies, weighing and measuring systems, bridge scales, special software and other, similar solutions.
The software and control division includes Shikila’s software personnel and develops software and control systems that are specific to customers’ needs. The company has special expertise in the field of data collection from the production floor, weighing rooms and systems for producing stickers and collecting data from them.
The weighing division is responsible for all standard weighing solutions, ranging from laboratory weights through to weighing solutions for cars and trucks.
The services and replacements division is responsible for providing service to the company’s customers, supplying weighing heads of all types, various load transducers for all uses and calibration weights.
The divisions page provides an insight into the vast array of solutions that the company has to offer in these areas.
Please select your area of ​​interest to reach the relevant product division for you. Each division deals professionally and precisely with the solutions in which it specializes. If you need help finding the product, you can use the search option above or contact our office at 04-6274411. We’ll be happy to help.