Laboratory weights are all weights with a resolution of 0.1g or better and which are intended for laboratory use. Weighing scales are sets of table weights that use a built-in monitor to test the product when it is prepared/packaged. Table count weights are weights with a built-in display used to count and test different items by sampling the weight of a single item.

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Moisture Scales (Moisture Meter)

Shkila is proud to offer these laboratory balances, which are specifically designed for measuring moisture.
These balances include a material drying furnace and sophisticated capabilities for measuring and analyzing the results.

משקל ספירה שולחני SH-COUNT

SH-COUNT Accurate Table Counter

This advanced and accurate desktop counter can weigh very small items in large quantities and at speed.
This is a premium quality product that’s suitable for weighing 6-30 kg depending on the model chosen.
It can count units at weights of as little as 0.1 grams per unit.

Stainless steel desk scale (SH-SUB)

Tabletop stainless steel desk scales which contain two LED displays and operate from a charged battery.
Waterproof and dustproof, the SH-SUB scales allow quick and accurate weighing and are suitable for weights of 6-30kg depending upon which model is chosen.