Stainless steel desk scale (SH-SUB)

Tabletop stainless steel desk scales which contain two LED displays and operate from a charged battery.
Waterproof and dustproof, the SH-SUB scales allow quick and accurate weighing and are suitable for weights of 6-30kg depending upon which model is chosen.


The SH-SUB scales are suitable for a range of uses. Designed for weighing small packages or products, the scales can weigh up to 6-30 kg with an accuracy of 1-5 grams (see more in the table below).

The scales are waterproof and dust resistant and made from stainless steel. They work with a rechargeable battery that enables 60 hours of continuous use between charges.

כושרי שקילה ואבחנה סטנדרטיים לבחירה

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דגם כושר שקילה (ק”ג) אבחנה (גרם)
SH-SUB-6/1 6 1
SH-SUB-15/2 15 2
SH-SUB-30/5 30 5


Improved red LED display screen.
Battery included.
Suitable for both wet and dusty environments.
Monitors allow two people to work on both sides of a table.
Ability to count items.
It’s easy to move from place to place.


Surface dimensions: 190X220 mm.
Stainless steel upper tray.
A whole stainless steel chassis.
Standard weighing capacity of 6-30 kg.
Accuracy of 1-5 grams.
Two LED displays: one in the front and one in the back.
Battery status indication.
Waterproof and dustproof structure.