SH-COUNT Accurate Table Counter

This advanced and accurate desktop counter can weigh very small items in large quantities and at speed.
This is a premium quality product that’s suitable for weighing 6-30 kg depending on the model chosen.
It can count units at weights of as little as 0.1 grams per unit.


The SH-COUNT table counter is suitable for many uses and is deigned for weighing and counting small items in large quantities. The scales have capacities of 6-30 kg and minimum unit weights of 0.1-0.5 grams (according to the table below). The scales run off a charged battery and are easy to move between different locations.


כושרי שקילה ואבחנה סטנדרטיים לבחירה

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דגם כושר שקילה (ק”ג) אבחנה (גרם)
SH-COUNT-6/0.1 6 0.1
SH-COUNT-15/0.2 15 0.2
SH-COUNT-30/0.5 30 0.5


Professional desk counter for up to 60,000 items.
Onboard battery.
Rapid and accurate response.
It can also be used as accurate scales without using its counting capabilities.
Item count is especially easy to operate.
It’s easy to move from place to place.
You can add RS232 communication to your computer.


Surface dimensions: 230X300 mm.
Stainless steel upper tray.
A whole frame of hardened plastic.
Standard weighing capacity of 6-30 kg according to model number.
Accuracy of 0.1-0.5 grams according to model number.
Three LCDs: One showing weight, one showing the number of items counted, the third showing the average item weight.
You can count by sampling any quantity of items or by using the weight of a known item.
Keyboard numbers for maximum operating convenience.

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