Weights for medical use. These are normally used by hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, private clinics and the like. If the required product doesn’t appear, please contact us on 04-6274411 and we’ll be happy to help..

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Portable Chair Scales (JRF)

JRF is a high-quality portable weighing chair. Manufactured in Israel in our factory in Caesarea, the chair was designed by medical teams in Israel to meet the specific needs that they encounter during their work in medical and geriatric centers.

Portable Wheelchair Weighing Device

A lightweight, portable, comfortable and aesthetic weighing device for weighing people in wheelchairs. It comes with a convenient incline, wheels for easy moving and an adjustable weighing head.

Special Floor Scales (40×50 cm)

The F45 scales are 400×500 mm floor scales. They’re commonly used for weighing standard cardboard and/or plastic boxes. The scales are used by a variety of industries for both the weighing of goods and the weighing of export shipments.