Portable Wheelchair Weighing Device

A lightweight, portable, comfortable and aesthetic weighing device for weighing people in wheelchairs. It comes with a convenient incline, wheels for easy moving and an adjustable weighing head.



JMC is a portable device for weighing people in high quality wheelchairs.

This portable weighing device is manufactured in Israel in our factory in Caesarea.
The scales were designed by medical teams in Israel to meet the specific needs encountered by these teams during their work in medical and geriatric centers. This includes a light aluminum structure with no sharp corners and wheels that enable easy and convenient mobility from place to place for weighing in various departments.
The structure is made of abrasive aluminum to prevent the chair from sliding during weighing.

The JMC mobile weighing device is specially designed to accommodate the needs of medical teams at medical centers, geriatric hospitals and similar institutions. The product, its design and its functioning were developed according to the requirements of the medical teams that assisted us in its creation.

תמונות חלקי המערכת

Folding page

Wheels for mobility

Carrying handle


Convenient mobility between departments.
A particularly low ramp.
Wide surface for lifting convenience.
Lightweight aluminum structure.
Convenient carrying handle.
A particularly aesthetic structure.
The weighing head (monitor) is adjustable both sideways and tilt angle.

How It Works

1. Shkila provides you with the mobile weighing device.
2. Briefly press the power button to turn on the product.
3. The weighing device works from an accumulator mounted on the weighing display.
4. The display is a large LCD display with lighting for easy reading even in the dark.


Weighing capacity of 250 kg.
Two wheels to move on the side.
Accumulated battery for prolonged work.
High finished level with no sharp corners.
An accuracy of 100 grams.
Folding page for convenient mobility.
Can be connected to a computer.
Rugged surface.

תמונות נוספות

The weighing head is loaded

Easy to move