Special Floor Scales (40×50 cm)

The F45 scales are 400×500 mm floor scales. They’re commonly used for weighing standard cardboard and/or plastic boxes. The scales are used by a variety of industries for both the weighing of goods and the weighing of export shipments.


The F45J5478 scales are suitable for many uses and come in a size of 400X500 mm, which covers most of the standard cartons and packages. It’s designed for weighing large packages or several small packages at the same time. The basic model is the 200/0.05F45J5478, which is suitable for weighing up to 200 kg and with an accuracy of up to 50 grams. Other upgrades are available. 

כושרי שקילה ואבחנה סטנדרטיים לבחירה

אם הדרוש לך אינו מופיע בטבלה - מומלץ להתייעץ עם נציגנו לגבי הפתרון המתאים
דגם כושר שקילה (ק”ג) אבחנה (גרם)
100/0.01F45J5478 100 10
100/0.02F45J5478 100 20
200/0.01F45J5478 200 10
200/0.02F45J5478 200 20
200/0.05F45J5478 200 50
300/0.02F45J5478 300 20
300/0.05F45J5478 300 50
300/0.1F45J5478 300 100

Optional upgrades

Improved red LED display screen.
Onboard battery.
Stainless steel transducer.
Stainless steel weighing head.
The weighing head can be upgraded (external connections, communications, sessions, etc.).
Weighing scales support particularly high or low readings.
Wheels to move the scales.


Surface dimensions: 400X500 mm.
Stainless steel top tray (the blue cover in the picture is a scratch sticker)
The surface of the surface is painted with a zinc-colored primer and an upper color.
Standard weighing capacity of 100-300 kg depending upon the order.
Standard accuracy of 10-100 grams depending upon the order.
Weighing head is a J-5478 plastic suitcase with a back-lit LCD display.
The weighing head is connected with a stainless steel column to the 400-mm-wide weighing platform in the center of the wall.
Aluminum center transducer.
Transducers are sealed from dust and protected from water.