Vibratory Dosage Machine for Powders

A dosing and filling machine for various types of powder, this device is capable of sorting different powders or dispersions in different quantities according to the customer’s requirements, with their direct dosage sorted into the package.


A floating powder dispensing device is a semi-automatic system designed to perform dosing into a bag/case waiting at the end of the machine.

The machine is built around a receptacle to fill the material to be sorted. The reception can be filled manually or automatically using a filling system (which is not part of this machine).

From the receiving compartment, the material is delivered to the chassis by feeding and vibrating (the feed part can be replaced with a helical feed as needed). The entire transfer process is carried out in a closed environment to prevent interference.
The material reaches the chassis itself, which is balanced on a weighing device so that the material can be sorted into the package along with an accurate weighing result.

“You can filter the material into the package and get an accurate weighing result”

The dosage is performed in two stages: coarse and gentle. For accuracy without sacrificing speed.
At the end of the dose, the operator replaces the case and presses the start button. The system prepares another dish and begins the process again. When installing the system, a definition of the size of the input packet and the size of the receiving cell is required.


Seal interference prevention systems.
Double weighing head to accelerate the fill rate.
Filling system for the receiving container.


1. Adapt the machine according to your needs.
2. Reduce the number of errors during the filling.
3. Reduce the amount of manpower required for filling.
4. Reduce the amount of material that’s “distributed free” as fillers for safety.
5. Reduce customer complaints.


Dosing capacity up to 200g/1kg/5kg.
It exists in all sizes.
Up to six servings per minute.
Control over quantity and flow rates.
Accuracy of 0.1%.
Wireless transmission option.

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