This product group includes the solutions that use scales to perform operations where the decision is based on the weighing result. Dosing machines and fillers are machines based on accurate weighing of substances as they are being refilled for accurate or partial dosage automation. Check weighers are scales that identify whether the product weighs as it should weigh and provide alerts or redirects if it exceeds its intended weight.

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Combinatoric Weighing Machines (8-14 Indicators)

We’re proud to be providers of these Combinatoric weighing machines, which are designed to weigh produce in the food industry. For example: seeds, coffee, legumes, tea, sugar, grated cheese, baked goods, sweets, rice, peanuts, dried fruits, small pasta pieces, animal feed, etc.

It’s also suitable for use outside the food industry for weighing and packing screws, nuts, nuts, nails, irrigation parts, etc.

Vibratory Dosage Machine for Powders

A dosing and filling machine for various types of powder, this device is capable of sorting different powders or dispersions in different quantities according to the customer’s requirements, with their direct dosage sorted into the package.

Weighing device for special counting

A special product for counting items in a packing stand for the purpose of verifying the number of items in a box. The product was built specifically to a customer’s requirements.