Weight indicator with built-in TCP communications – J-1000TCP

The J-1000TCP is a smart weight indicator with a built-in TCP/IP communication port.
Communication is via one of two options: ETHERNET (default) or MODBUS/TCP depending upon client requirements.
The head comes with a built-in RJ45 input and can be configured through any browser.



The J-1000TCP is a smart weight indicator that can be adapted to suit almost any application.
It’s suitable for any type of weighing surface and can connect scales to the factory network for real-time data collection from the production floor. It can also connect scales to an external computer through the factory network.

The J-1000TCP is unique because of its built-in communication, which enables for multiple connections to the multi-socket head.
The head functions as a server, not as a client, which enables users to connect to it via a browser so that they can view data in real-time anywhere on the network (and not only via the network settings, as is the case with external converters).

The J-1000TCP comes as a metal suitcase, allowing it to work with any scales with one or more transducers. The LED display allows you to operate in all visibility conditions and the back has a full numeric keypad for easy operation.

The weighing head is an exclusive development from Shkila Production Ltd. and was designed to meet a range of different weighing needs. It can also be tailored to work with specific software according to the customer’s requirements.

Optional extras

Stainless steel casing.
Wireless communication (Bluetooth, WiFi).
Crocodile port for 12V battery.
Weighing software on demand.
3 dry contacts with limit switches.
Removing keys (external zero/terabytes, etc).

Product features

Metal kit.
Large LED display.
Choice of:
* Communication via ETHERNET TCP/IP.
* Communication via MODBUS TCP/IP.
Switch between gross/net.
Reset button.
Full numeric keypad.

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