The weighing indicators translate the results from the transducers into a clear readout. In addition, weighing heads are able to make decisions based on the results they’re presented with. Shakila offers many weighing heads from all the existing brands in the market. Even if the weighing head you need isn’t listed, please contact us for a quote for a custom product.

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IPJ400 Weight Indicator

The IPJ400  is a weighing head/industrial weighing controller for connecting to a DIN connection bar.
It comes with communication ports and dry contacts and can be upgraded to PROFIBUS communication. It also has four separate inputs to enable four weighing surfaces.

IPJ500 Weight Indicator Panel

The IPJ500 head/weighing panel mount comes with relay outputs, dry touch inputs, RS232 and RS485 communication with MODBUS, optional PROFIBUS communication and four additional ports.

J-1000 Weight Indicator

The J-1000 is a smart weighing head that can be adapted to almost any smart application. There are hundreds of different software programs for weighing applications and scales for all types of industry and agriculture.

חזית J6478

Weighing Indicator (J-6478)

Weight indicator suitable for different weighing surfaces, from small scales to large weighing surfaces. It’s designed with aesthetics in mind and uses a rechargeable battery.