IPJ400 Weight Indicator

The IPJ400  is a weighing head/industrial weighing controller for connecting to a DIN connection bar.
It comes with communication ports and dry contacts and can be upgraded to PROFIBUS communication. It also has four separate inputs to enable four weighing surfaces.



The IPJ400 is an advanced and flexible weighing head that’s suitable for most of the existing applications and weighing needs in the market.
It comes in the form of a plastic suitcase that allows you to work with weighing scales with one or more transducers.
It can also be installed on a DIN line for connection inside a power cabinet.
The LED display provides excellent visibility and the head comes with four separate inputs to allow you to connect up to four different weighing surfaces in parallel.

The IPJ400 also includes a built-in RS485 port, two relay ports and two logical inputs.

Optional extras:
Four additional relay outputs.
Prophevis port.
Analog output.

Optional Extras

Up to four additional relay ports.
ROFIBUS communication outport.
Analog output (4-20/0-10/0-5).

Product Features

Plastic case.
Four separate inputs to manage four different weights.
LED display.
Two dry logical inputs.
Two relay outlets.
Reset button.
RS232 communication.
RS485 communication.

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