Hanging Weight OCS-A (Up to 3-20 tons)

OCS-A scales are industrial hanging scales that are intended for use on a fixed site. The scales have a clear LED display in the body and come with a remote control to reset/hold the weight if the suspension is carried out where the monitor can’t be seen. The scales can be ordered for loads of three tons and up to 20 tons.



The OCS suspension scales are capable for different loads and are suitable for a range of industries. The scales are sturdy and well-built, and the upper ring and hook are metal and come as part of the scales. A wireless remote control allows you to control your scales while you work, even when you don’t have access to the keyboard.

Standard weighing and diagnosis for selection

If necessary, do not appear in the table - we recommend that you consult with our representative for the appropriate solution
model Weighing capacity (kg) Diagnosis (g)
OCS3 3,000 1,000
OCS5 5,000 2,000
OCS10 10,000 5,000
OCS20 20,000 10,000

Possible uses

Useful for ongoing inspection of incoming/outgoing goods.
Essential for the private sector for weighing metal parts, marine weighing, various rods and more.


Steel structure.
Lower weighing hook and metal upper lock are included.
A wireless remote control to operate even when there’s no physical access to the scales themselves.
“Hold” feature for the display.
A red LED display in the body of the scales.
Powered by rechargeable battery, 100 working hours.