Professional Wireless Load Shackle (WLS) scales (ATEX option)

These wireless load shackles (WLS) are manufactured by British company Straightpoint, which specializes in hanging weighing systems.

With the wireless jack, you can view real-time information and receive data directly to your internet-connected device.

The unique structure of WLS scales allows them to maintain a very low weight (e.g. scales weighing 18kg can weigh up to 25 tons). This allows for easy mobility between different sites.

Meanwhile, a long battery life ensures that batteries only need to be replaced after 1,200 hours of use. The system broadcasts at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and the signal reaches up to 700 meters (in open areas).



The WLS series is a series of professional cordless hanging scales. The scales are designed for weighing in any environment and enable high accuracy and work comfort due to the low weight of the transmitters and the convenient wireless display.

Weighing capacities and accuracy

If the capacity that you're looking for doesn't appear in this table, feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help.
Model Weighing capacity (tons) Accuracy (kg) Unit weight (kg)
WLS3.25T 3.25 5 2.8
WLS6.5T 6.5 5 3.2
WLS12T 12 10 8
WLS25T 25 20 18
WLS55T 55 50 25
WLS85T 85 50 45
WLS120T 120 100 85
WLS200T 200 200 254
WLS300T 300 500 374
WLS400T 400 500 614

Upgrades are available

Certificate of compliance within hazardous environments (ATEX certificate).

Wireless PC transmission (up to 100 devices per computer).

Software for data collection.

4-20mA connections, RS485 and more…


Built from aviation-grade aluminum.
Adjustable depending upon the weight.
Remote wireless display to operate the scales up to 700m.
Comes in a carrying case.
Working time on standard batteries: 1,200 hours per transducer/60 hours per monitor.
The data refresh rate can be controlled up to 200Hz.