Professional cordless weighing scales WLP (optional for ATEX)

WIRE LINK PLUS professional weighing scales from British manufacturers Straightpoint, who specialize in hanging weighing systems.

This model uses a unique structure with a very low weight (for example, 5 kg scales can measure weights of up to 25 tons), enabling them to be easily moved between different sites.

Long battery life means that batteries only need to be replaced once every 1,200 hours.



The WLP series is a professional series of cordless hanging scales. They’re designed for use in any industry and enable high accuracy and work comfort due to the low weight of the transmitters and the convenient wireless display.

Standard weighing and diagnosis for selection

If necessary, do not appear in the table - we recommend that you consult with our representative for the appropriate solution
model Weighing capacity (tons) Diagnosis (kg) Self-weight (kg)
WLP1T 1 0.5 1.4
WLP2T5 2.5 1 1.4
WLP5T 5 1 2
WLP12T 12 2 3.2
WLP25T 25 5 5
WLP35T 35 5 8.6
WLP50T 50 10 11.5
WLP75T 75 10 16
WLP100T 100 50 34
WLP150T 150 50 46
WLP200T 200 100 72
WLP250T 250 100 72
WLP300T 300 100 118

Optional upgrades

Certificate of compliance for hazardous environments (ATEX certificate).
Wireless PC transmission (up to 100 scales per computer).
Software for data collection.
4-20mA connections, RS485 and more.


Aviation aluminum structure.
Alterable holes according to the load of the weight.
Comes in a carrying case.
Working time on standard batteries: 1,200 hours per transducer/60 hours per monitor.
The data refresh rate can be controlled up to 200 Hz.