Weighing Indicator (J-6478)

Weight indicator suitable for different weighing surfaces, from small scales to large weighing surfaces. It’s designed with aesthetics in mind and uses a rechargeable battery.



The J-6478 is a versatile weight indicator that’s suitable for most applications and use cases. It comes in the form of a rigid plastic suitcase that can be hooked up to weighing scales with one or more transducers (up to six transducers).
Its large LED display allows you to work in areas of poor lighting and uses a rechargeable battery, allowing you to work without electricity for up to 40 hours. Its transformer is internal and it connects directly to electricity without a transformer.
The weighing head of the J-6478 was designed to meet the majority of basic weighing needs and includes a range of built-in.
The weighing head comes with the option to receive a three-color visual alert for low weight (yellow), high weight (red) or normal weight (green), and the head is approved for commercial use.

Optional Extras

  • Wall mount.
    Stand to stand.
    RS232 communication port.
    Fully charged battery for 40 working hours.

Product Features

  • A hard plastic case.
    Large red LED display.
    Electrical connection with a socket.
    A three-color traffic light (green, yellow, red) is built into the monitor to check weight.
    Item counting function.
    Storage function (equivalence scheme).
    Reset button.

תמונות נוספות

ראש J6578