AMS TM – Basic pallet truck

Motorbike™ (registered with the registrar of patents): A pallet trolley with a built-in professional weighing device. The AMS Motorbike™ is a pre-ordered pallet truck that’s weighed and fitted with professional weighing equipment. It’s intended to be a pallet truck under standard working conditions.


The AMS™ scooter is a standard flatbed cart with one key difference: it also weighs. When lifting a surface, a plane, or any other element, you immediately know how much it weighs. This is useful for everything from receipt of goods (comparison with the delivery certificate) and removal of goods (preparation of a delivery note/confirmation of non-excess baggage) to in-process inspections (material transfer between departments or processes).

Imagine always being able to see how much weight the cart is lifting. The accuracy of 0.1% also enables the optimization of processes by eliminating existing scales and saving travel. AMS™ is manufactured in Israel in our factory in Caesarea.

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Weight indicator


Pallet cart


Prevent overloading trucks.
Inspect incoming and outgoing goods.
Make great savings in weighing time.
Reduce the number of accidents.
Fewer trips back.
Improved inventory management.

How It Works

1. Shkila provides you with a new weighing pallet truck (no conversion to regular carts).
2. The pallet trolley is equipped with a built-in weighing device and is essentially the scales.
3. The scooter works from a built-in battery that's installed in the body of the cart.
4. The display is a large LCD display with lighting for the convenience of reading even in the dark.
5. The weight is built-in and doesn't require special calibration.
6. The electronics in the cart are equipped with a 300% protection factor against overload.


Weighing capacity of 2,000 kg.
Optional upgrade to weighing capacity of 3,000 kg.
Accuracy of 0.1%.
Wireless transmission option.

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