Wireless Forks

This weighing system is designed for easy installation by the customer. It uses no cables and is easy to move between different forklifts in the factory. It can weigh 2500 kg (up to 5000 kg) and has an accuracy rate of 1 kg.


Motorbike TM (registered with the Registrar of Patents) – a weighing device for forklift, turns each forklift into a portable weight.

The wireless TM motor is a forklift mounted engine with a monitor inside the cab.
The wireless TM scooter can be reliably transferred between forklifts.

The built-in scooter is designed for places of aggressive work.

The weighing head is in a protected place (inside the cab) and close to the driver so that the reading comfort is better than stationary weight.

System parts images

Weight indicator in the cab

The forks in action


Prevent overloading trucks.
Inspect incoming and outgoing goods.
Make savings while weighing.
Reduce the number of accidents (fewer trips back).
Improved inventory management.
The scales can be moved between different forklifts.

How It Works

1. Shkila provides you with a forklift fork.
2. The fork is equipped with a built-in weighing device and is effectively a set of scales.
3. A technician comes from the weighing company to install the built-in scooter.
4. The weighing monitor is installed inside the driver’s compartment at a location designed for maximum comfort.
5. The display is a large LED display that allows reading even in the dark.
6. You can transfer the scales from forklift to forklift at any time by dismantling and reinstalling.
7. The fork is equipped with a 300% protection factor to fight against overloads.

There is also a model of “independent scooter” where the monitor is inside the tooth itself and can be transferred between forklifts without any installation.


Weighing capacity of 2,500 kg.
Optional upgrade to a weighing capacity of 5,000 kg.
It comes in a range of sizes.
Accuracy of 0.1%.
Wireless transmission option.
A convenient monitor inside the cab.
One battery per pitchfork.
Weighing head has inbuilt battery (can be permanently connected).
The reader can be connected to a barcode, a printer, and a library.

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