Weighing scissors pallet truck

Motor Scooter™ (registered with the Registrar of Patents) scissor cart with built-in weighing device. Scissor™ Scissor Ozias is a professional scissor cart that’s specifically designed to be fitted with professional weighing equipment.


The Ozias scissors work with regular pallet trucks but with one big difference: they also support weighing. When lifting items, you can immediately see how much they weigh. This is a great help when dealing with the receipt of goods (comparison with the delivery certificate), the removal of goods (preparation of a delivery note/confirmation of non-excess baggage), and in-process inspections (material transfer between departments or processes). Imagine being able to immediately tell how much weight your cart is lifting at any time. The accuracy of 0.1% enables the optimization of processes by eliminating existing weights and saving on travel times.

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ראש השקילה - משקלנועית אוזיאס

Weight indicator


Pallet cart


Prevent overloaded trucks.
Inspect incoming and outgoing goods.
Make savings while weighing.
Reducing traffic load in warehouse.
Improved inventory management.

How It Works

1. Shkila provides you with a new weighing pallet truck (as opposed to converting regular carts).
2. The pallet trolley is equipped with a built-in weighing device and acts as the scales.
3. The scooter works from a built-in battery that’s also installed in the body of the cart.
4. The display is a large LCD display that’s specifically designed for low light situations.
5. The scales are built-in and don’t require special calibration.
6. The electronics in the cart are equipped with a 300% shield against overload.


Weighing capacity of 1,000 kg.
It comes in various sizes.
The weighing head is protected and built from metal.
High quality finished equipment.
Accuracy of 0.1%.
Includes a wireless transmission option.

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