Weighing in electric carts

Weighing in forklifts

Shkila’s logistics solutions division leads Israel’s weighing solutions while working.

Our logistic solutions serve large logistics centers, customers in the retail field for checking the receipt of goods, customers in the industrial sector for the receipt of merchandise, and weighing during the transportation process and when removing goods.
Below the videos you can see the details of the different types of products available.
Logistic weighing solutions include:

1. Module™: Weighing system for forklift teeth. With this solution, a weighing company provides a customer with new weighing scales that replace the existing forks. The new scales are equipped with a precision weighing system with up to 0.1% accuracy. The system can be obtained in several configurations. Shkila has registered the registered trademark of Scalile™ with the Registrar of Patents for its solutions in this field.

2. Weighing in manual weighing carts. In this field, we provide the customer with a ready system of pallet carts with built-in scales inside. The conversion of the carts is carried out entirely (mechanics and electronics) in our factory in Caesarea.

3. Weighing in electric weighing carts. Shkila’s logistics solutions division has implemented solutions at many of Israel’s leading industrial plants and logistics centers.

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