Basalt: Easy data transfer from scales to your computer

Basalt is designed to allow the transfer of weighing data from the scales to where the cursor is on the computer screen. The software simulates typing so that from the computer’s point of view, someone typed the weighing data into the screen.


צילום מסך בזלת 2

Basalt – software for transferring weight data to your computer

Basalt is designed to facilitate the transfer of weighing data to your computer with the click of a button. It allows you to specify hotkeys for a variety of functions (pause/break/F keys/etc) and you can also select an end character that will automatically be typed into the computer at the end of the weight input (tab, enter, down arrow, etc.).

When you press the agreed upon key, a measurement will be taken of the weight and the computer will write the data to where the cursor is located, regardless of the software currently running (WORD, EXCEL, ERP, record books, etc.). Once the data is saved, the software will execute the selected end character (if required). This will end its operation on the next press of the agreed key.

After specifying the settings for the first time, Basalt is automatically loaded in the background and sits as a hidden icon at the bottom of the screen. The software is “transparent” to the end user and doesn’t require any understanding and/or expertise.