Containerit: Software for collecting weighing data for shipments

Feeder software connects to one or more scales and enables the recording of all the weights and products that are fed into a container and/or delivery.

The software runs on a computer connected to the scales directly or through the network. It can report the data and the data can be adjusted to any type of ERP system, WMS or external accounting. It also enables compliance with SOLAS requirements in that there’s a real equivalence and reliability of the goods sent.


Aggregate: Software for documenting equivalence in delivery (according to SOLAS requirements)

This feeder was born to meet SOLAS’ new requirements for reporting the real weights being sent at sea. Over time, we discovered that it also provides a solution for anyone who wants to know the weighing data when collecting goods for air or other delivery.

The software can connect to any scales and weighing head with the appropriate communication port. The software can also read and process teaching certificate numbers (BOL/order/etc.) by reading a barcode or from manual input. When reading the barcode, the weighing data is collected from the scales which are attached to the system.

The number of surfaces increases and displays the total surface area and the total weight accumulated so far. At any given moment, a new document can be produced and a report (printed and/or in a file and/or transmitted to an external database) will be produced. The report will include all the equivalence data and the total weight measured at the end.

The software can be ordered with a number of weights at the same time (for weighing small and large packages on the same shipment). For further details or a demo, contact our sales department ([email protected]), call 04-6274411 or leave your details at the bottom of the page so we can get back to you.