Shkila’s software division handles the design, development and implementation of various pieces of software for customer service. Most of the written programs are developed according to unique customer demands. Here’s a variety of the software solutions we’ve developed. There are many more solutions, and we’d be happy to create a bespoke solution for you, too.

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Amethyst: Software for managing bridge scales

Amethyst software: Professional software for managing bridge scales. With Amethyst, you can enter, store and access basic data on topics such as: suppliers, materials, drivers, weights, vehicles, transport companies and more.

תוכנת ממכילנית - מסך עבודה

Containerit: Software for collecting weighing data for shipments

Feeder software connects to one or more scales and enables the recording of all the weights and products that are fed into a container and/or delivery.

The software runs on a computer connected to the scales directly or through the network. It can report the data and the data can be adjusted to any type of ERP system, WMS or external accounting. It also enables compliance with SOLAS requirements in that there’s a real equivalence and reliability of the goods sent.

JADE – Software for producing weighing labels

Jade was born out of the need for many businesses to carry out documented weighing using stickers containing key weighing information.

The software allows the user to add and download products from within its interface at any time.

Employees can choose which product to look at, view its expiration date and print labels containing all necessary information, along with the barcode and the weight of the product according to scales connected to the computer.

Users can also define thresholds where item weights can be automatically approved if necessary.

The software is used by many businesses across a range of different fields and allows managers to know exactly what’s being weighed, which stickers are being used and which computers the software is installed on.

Suglite: Control and manage packing and sorting houses

Suglite is software for managing packaging houses. It monitors scales and barcode readers and makes decisions in real time.
The software manages many user interfaces, both computerized and through a smart traffic system. It collects data so that you can know the outgoing result for each dose received from a specific farmer/parcel.

Topaz: Control batches in concrete plants with hybrid machines

Topaz is a system for operating concrete plants and mixing machines. It’s the only software of its kind that enables users to easily define settings in a clear and convenient computerized interface. With Topaz, you can run an entire control system directly from a single computer. It’s the smart production software.

זירקון מסך שקילת חומר גלם

Zircon: Manage equivalence rooms

Zircon is specialized software for managing processes in weighing rooms. The software is typically used by companies in the fields of chemistry, cosmetics, food additives and pharmaceuticals.
The software monitors weighing processes in the equivalence room and records full documentation. It’s designed to help employees to perform their work and to supervise their performance.
The software enables full traceability up to the production level of the supplier of each raw material and can interface with the customer’s ERP systems.