Cattle scales

These scales are intended for weighing cows and/or calves. The weight comes with a cage, a weighing surface and an advanced weighing head, and is designed to be used in cowsheds where the dairy farmer wants to know the weight of cows and calves at the time of sale.



The weight of cows and calves is a critical metric when it comes to managing cowsheds and herds. Our scales are designed with three main things in mind:
1. Adaptability for the environment. For example, using a weighing head of metal and not plastic, using varying heights and more.
2. Adjusting electronics for the nature of the task. For example, using floating foot pedestals rather than a foot with a ball bearing.
3. Accuracy of the system. For example, the use of a unique stabilization program that was developed using a statistical analysis of the weighing results obtained within three seconds of the animals being weighed.


Weighing capacity of two tons.
Galvanized structure.
Space for hay on top of the scales.
Strengthening for weight mobility.
External battery.
Another burden.


Maximum weight of 1 ton with an accuracy of 1 kg.
Dimensions: 100X220 cm.
Fast and accurate stabilization of the animal’s weight, even when it’s in motion.
A unique stabilization program based on statistical analysis.
Reinforced steel structure.
Slopes to prevent the animal from moving around in the cage.
Height of 2 m to prevent injury to passersby.
Accuracy of 0.1%.
Wireless transmission option.

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