Poultry weighing system

A unique, portable system for weighing pallets in chicken coops.



A specialized system for weighing poultry in chicken coops. The weighing system comes in the form of a mobile cart with room to attach a laptop to collect the weighing data.

The device allows you to weigh on each side to allow you to weigh two cage palettes as needed.It’s also designed with maximum mobility in mind.


Wireless transmission of weighing data.
Reads barcodes to identify different parts of the coop.
Built from galvanized/stainless steel.
Suitable for special temperatures.


1. Accurate weighing of the pallets.
2. Direct input of the data into an Excel spreadsheet without the need for additional typing.
3. Convenient weighing on both sides and mobility through the wheels.
4. Allows easier control of the status of the chickens in the coop.

Weighing capacity of 3,000 grams.
Dimensions: 600×600 mm.
Accuracy of 1 gram.
The battery is charged to 100 NIS.
Software for collecting data in Excel.
Mobility using wheels.
Weighing on both sides of the device.

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