Weights intended for weighing in the livestock industry, ranging from weighing the animals themselves to their animal food, etc. If your needs aren’t met here, please contact us to find a suitable solution. You can call us on the phone at 04-6274411 or email [email protected]

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Cattle scales

These scales are intended for weighing cows and/or calves. The weight comes with a cage, a weighing surface and an advanced weighing head, and is designed to be used in cowsheds where the dairy farmer wants to know the weight of cows and calves at the time of sale.

Livestock Food Silo Scales

This mix tank weighing solution allows farmers to manage their mix stock in a convenient, efficient and reliable manner. The farmer can tell how much of the mixture has been put into the tank in each fill along with how much is left.

משקל לכבשים

Sheep Scales (12)

Weighing scales for up to five sheep. It’s designed for farmers and traders who weigh large numbers of sheep/goats and who require accurate weighing results.

משקל לכבש בודד דלתות ציר סגורות

Single Lamb Scales

Weighing scales for a single lamb. It’s designed for making decisions regarding the health and sale value of a specific lamb.