Sheep Scales (12)

Weighing scales for up to five sheep. It’s designed for farmers and traders who weigh large numbers of sheep/goats and who require accurate weighing results.



The Sheep Scales (12) are designed for weighing sheep and goats in groups of five. Weighing is performed electronically and the scales have a weighing capacity of 1 ton and an accuracy of 1 kg.

The scales come with a J-1000 weighing head with a unique stabilization program that neutralizes equivalence and leaves the weighing machine with an accurate and stable weighing result, even when the animals are moving. This is a bespoke program that we developed here at Shkila.

The weight is harnessed on four load transducers to obtain an accurate weighing result at each corner. The weight also comes with two doors on the axis for ease of access when loading and unloading animals.

Optional Extras

Galvanized/stainless steel structure.
Transducers with floating feet (recommended).
Sliding doors instead of hinged doors.

Product Features

Reinforced steel chassis.
Two hinged doors opposite one another for easy entry and removal of the sheep.
Weighing capacity: 1 ton.
Weighing accuracy: 1 kg.
The LED display is ideal for low light situations.
Metallic weighing head to prevent injuries.
A unique stabilization program for accurate and consistent results.
Load transducers with a percentage protection against overload.

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