Citrine: Serial dosage management software

This method for mixing various materials makes it possible to define which ingredients are active and to specify the desired mixing and dosage process.


Citrine: Software for mixing and mixing materials

Citrin is specialized batching software which allows you to run the entire control system directly from a computer. This smart software program is built in a Windows environment and works as an online system to control resources to achieve the highest manufacturing speed and efficiency possible in the world of industrial dosage and fillers. The software contains an extra layer of security with software screens that are protected through a password protection system.

Define the raw materials active in the plant

For each plant, you can define which materials are present and which materials are possible. Using this list, you can see what the active material is in each container via the graphic display of the objects on the work screen.

Link your screen software to your actual factory

The system is built dynamically, which means that the software can be adapted according to the factory it serves. You can add materials and containers, and if there’s a change in the way that  the factory is actually connected, you can adjust for those changes on the screen and get a real picture of how the factory looks at any given moment. The software also self-updates.

The management and planning process

In this screen, you can define processes and specify how much material to fill, how long the stirrer is in the reception tank and how much time is left between stirs.

The screen is intuitive and easy to operate

The screen is designed to be clear and easy to operate. It provides the operator with up-to-date information including the status of taps and cards. This includes what happens in the process at any moment, what’s missing, which tanks are going to be empty, etc

The software also contains a bunch of other options and we could never list all of them here. The system also knows how to communicate with external organizational software, to obtain production orders and to report back on what was actually done.