Electric Weighing Pallet Truck

Motor scooter/electric pallet trolley with built-in weighing device.

The Ozias electric trolley is an electric pallet truck that undergoes special adjustment to become a piece of professional weighing equipment. It’s intended to be an electric pallet trolley that can be used in difficult working conditions. The electric scooter can be purchased as a conversion to existing electric pallet trucks.


The Treadmill™ trolley allows you to do most work you’d do with trolley pallets, but with one big difference: they can also weight. When lifting a surface, a plane, or any other element, you immediately know how much it weighs. This comes in useful for receipt of goods (comparison with the delivery certificate), removal of goods (preparation of a delivery note/confirmation of non-excess baggage), or in-process inspections (material transfer between departments or processes).

Imagine being able to see how much weight the platform cart is lifting in every action you take. Better still, the accuracy of 0.1% enables you to optimize processes by eliminating existing weights and saving travel.


Prevent overloading trucks.
Inspect incoming and outgoing goods.
Reduce the number of errors.
Eliminate the need to dismantle a surface after identifying an error: collection errors are perceived once they occur.
Great savings while weighing.
Reduce traffic load in the warehouse.
Improved inventory management.

How It Works

1. Shkila receives an electric pallet trolley in good condition from the customer (no conversion to worn carts).
2. The trolley is converted and the electronics of the weight are obtained from the electric trolley battery (the connection is done by Shkila).
3. The display is a large LCD display with lighting for the convenience of reading even in the dark.
4. The scales are built-in and don’t require special calibration.
5. The electronics in the cart are equipped with a 300% shield against overload.
6. The height of the cart increases by 0.5 cm and the width of each pitchfork is about 2 cm.


Weighing capacity as required.
It comes in a range of sizes.
A weighing head is protected by an industrial bag.
High level of finished equipment.
Accuracy of 0.1%.
Wireless transmission option.
Able to connect to external systems (ERP/WMS, etc.)

תמונות נוספות

Weight indicator

Pallet cart