Wheel Scales

Weighing scales for vehicle wheels, from single-wheel weighing to working with couplings and quadrants and weighing trucks. The weights can also be manufactured from steel or aluminum to weigh less than 20 kg (for light mobility).


Wheel weights are easily movable and can be transported by forklift. The lightweight aluminium model weighs less than 20 kg and comes with a carrying handle so that it can be moved manually. Wheel scales can be ordered with or without ramps and at loads of 1.5 tons, 6 tons, 15 tons and more according to your needs.


Prevent overloading trucks.
Inspect incoming and outgoing goods.
Easily move the scales for inspection at various sites.
Test relative loads on a vertical wheel/axle.


Built from metal/aluminum.
Wireless transmission option.
Accuracy of 1/3,000 of the maximum load.
Can be connected to a computer.
Added software to collect data on your computer.