A variety of weighing solutions for weighing before and after the products are added to a container.

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Amethyst: Software for managing bridge scales

Amethyst software: Professional software for managing bridge scales. With Amethyst, you can enter, store and access basic data on topics such as: suppliers, materials, drivers, weights, vehicles, transport companies and more.

Bridge Scales

Bridge scales consist of one or more platforms on which trucks and other vehicles are loaded for weighing. They’re divided into two main groups:
Overhead bridge scales: Bridge scales located above the surface.
Sloped bridge scales: Bridge scales embedded in the ground so that they’re at road level.

תוכנת ממכילנית - מסך עבודה

Containerit: Software for collecting weighing data for shipments

Feeder software connects to one or more scales and enables the recording of all the weights and products that are fed into a container and/or delivery.

The software runs on a computer connected to the scales directly or through the network. It can report the data and the data can be adjusted to any type of ERP system, WMS or external accounting. It also enables compliance with SOLAS requirements in that there’s a real equivalence and reliability of the goods sent.

Dual Axle Weight

These dual axle scales are designed for ordinary trucks and trucks with double axles (two wheels attached one after the other). The scales are produced in Israel by Shkila.

F12J5478 Square surface scales (120X120 cm)

The F12 weighing surface is our most common weighing surface and is used across a wide range of different industries, including agriculture.
The surface is painted with a zinc-colored primer and an upper color, with a rugged top tin. 
It uses a standard J5478 weighing head, which can be upgraded to other models as needed.
The surface also comes with spherical, foot type transmitters, which prevent inaccurate readings even when the scales aren’t 100% level. You can also upgrade to floating-foot transducers.
The floating leg performs a similar role to the spherical feet but ensure that the scales don’t move during the weighing process. This helps to combat erosion to the spherical legs, which can happen slowly over time.

H-shaped scales for surfaces (120X130 cm)

The H-shaped scales are unique because you can put the scales in the middle and then when you lower the surface, you don’t have to go back. This H-shaped surface (model L) is 7 cm high, which makes it possible to work with a manual cart.

עגלת משטחים שוקלת מנירוטסה OZ201

Hand Pallet Truck Scales Ozias 201 Stainless Steel

Motorbike™ (registered with the Patent Registrar): A pallet cart with a built-in professional weighing device.

Treadmill™ Uzias 201 Stainless Steel is a professional stainless steel pallet truck specifically be picked to be fitted with professional weighing equipment. Its purpose is to be a pallet weighing cart in difficult working conditions.

In addition to the performance of the Ozias™ motorcycle, this trolley is built entirely of stainless steel (there’s also a model that only includes the stainless steel pitchforks). The adapters are stainless steel and use IP68K or IP69K seals as required. The weighing head comes with a basic opacity of IP65 and can be upgraded to IP69K. If necessary, the cart can also be ordered with a built-in printer.

In-Truck Weighing Scales

Shkila offers a range of weighing solutions from the Italian VEI GROUP and was chosen by the company to represent its advanced solutions in Israel. We offer a variety of tailor-made solutions which we adapt to your specific needs, including the quantity of axles, the need for an external display, data collection, etc.

VEI weighing solutions enable continuous operation. They offer a guaranteed accuracy of 0.5% in most models and can tighten that up to 0.1% in more advanced models. We can offer weighing solutions for a single truck, semi trailers, trailer trucks and more.

Wheel Scales

Weighing scales for vehicle wheels, from single-wheel weighing to working with couplings and quadrants and weighing trucks. The weights can also be manufactured from steel or aluminum to weigh less than 20 kg (for light mobility).