Amethyst: Software for managing bridge scales

Amethyst software: Professional software for managing bridge scales. With Amethyst, you can enter, store and access basic data on topics such as: suppliers, materials, drivers, weights, vehicles, transport companies and more.


Amethyst: Software for managing bridge scales

Amethyst is a piece of software that manages bridge scales at the entrance or exit of a plant/landfill/transit station. The software tracks all the data required to deliver weighing certificates and to transfer the data to an ERP system. The software also contains a wide range of reports that can be used to analyze any data that’s required by the customer.

Data definition tables

In these tables, you can define lists of drivers, trucks, freight companies, customers, materials and operators. The lists are saved for quick retrieval when actual trucks are weighed and the data is subsequently stored to produce efficient reports.

Finished certificates screen

On the finished certificates screen, you can see the entire history of weight equivalence. You can segment the data to reach the relevant certificates/documents and view it in real time on the screen. Any segmentation can be printed. You can also recover documents, retroactively view them and make corrections (if appropriate). It also allows you to reprint documents that for some reason have been lost or destroyed.

Data export screen

In this screen, you can define which certificates you want to export to an external file, which can be read in ERP systems or even in Excel for data analysis. You can export a transaction file between specific dates or from a certain certificate number.

Reports screen

From the reports screen, you can generate reports in endless segments. You can see concentrated or detailed data covering all activity, specific segments or a combination of multiple criteria (only X, Y and Z of clients between specific dates). The reports make it possible to select one, some or all of the data for an unlimited period of time and can be sent to the screen or printer of your choice.

The software contains so many other features that we can’t list all of them here, and there are also plenty of variants that have been created to cater to specific customer requirements. The software is available in additional languages and can be adapted to any language needed. The following are examples of different work screens that we’ve developed for different clients according to their unique customer demands.

A version for overseas

Version for transit stations

Version for sources