H-shaped scales for surfaces (120X130 cm)

The H-shaped scales are unique because you can put the scales in the middle and then when you lower the surface, you don’t have to go back. This H-shaped surface (model L) is 7 cm high, which makes it possible to work with a manual cart.


The U12J5478 scales are suitable for a variety of uses. The basic model is the 2000/0.5U12J5478, which is suitable for weighing up to 2,000 kg and which can be upgraded to support higher loads as needed. The basic reading accuracy is 500 grams and can be upgraded to a higher sensitivity. The primary advantage of the H scales s the ability to place surfaces on it by means of a manual/electric pallet cart without the need to sink the weight in a hole.

The H scales are designed with a special shape and an exceptionally low height for weighing surfaces using pallet carts. This means you can place a surface on the scales without ramps and without having to make a hole. The low self-weight of these scales also enables easy and convenient mobility of the scales between sites.

The H weights come at a height of 10 cm in the basic model or 7 cm in the upgraded model for more comfortable work. They’re also suitable for all surfaces.

כושרי שקילה ואבחנה סטנדרטיים לבחירה

אם הדרוש לך אינו מופיע בטבלה - מומלץ להתייעץ עם נציגנו לגבי הפתרון המתאים
דגם כושר שקילה (ק”ג) אבחנה (גרם) גובה המשקל
500/0.1U12J5478 500 100 10 ס”מ
500/0.1U12J5478 500 100 10 ס”מ
500/0.2U12J5478 500 200  
500/0.2U12J5478 500 200  
1000/0.1U12J5478 1000 100  
1000/0.1U12J5478 1000 100  
1000/0.2U12J5478 1000 200  
1000/0.2U12J5478 1000 200  
2000/0.1U12J5478 2000 100  
2000/0.1U12J5478 2000 100  
2000/0.2U12J5478 2000 200  
2000/0.5U12J5478 2000 500  
3000/0.2U12J5478 3000 200  
3000/0.5U12J5478 3000 500  

Optional upgrades

Improved red LED display screen.
A height of 1.5m to connect the surface to the weighing head.
Can cater to particularly high or low weight measurements and the accuracy level can also be upgraded.
Stainless steel structure and transducers.


Arm width of 20 cm (can also be ordered in 25 cm and 30 cm). Lower arm widths would not be convenient to use.
The surface is painted with a zinc-colored primer and an upper color.
Standard weighing capacity of 500-3000 kg.
Standard accuracy of of 100-500 grams by order.
Weighing head is a J-5478 plastic suitcase with a back-lit LCD display.
The weighing head is connected with a cable to the weighing surface.
Four steel transducers with floating feet for automatic weighing. The model is also designed without ball bearings (H-scales tend to take a lot of wear and tear which can damage ball feet).
Transducers are sealed from dust and protected from water.