Liquid Dosing Device

Dosing machine for liquids, used for discharging liquid via a filter.


This device has a unique structure that’s suitable for liquid dosage in different quantities of 10 liters to 100 liters.
The facility is constructed from a receptacle to which the liquid is pumped. The quantity you pour out of the container can be changed by the control cabinet. After the operator determines the amount of fluid to empty, they press the discharge button and the liquid begins to come out.
At the end of the rough unloading process, one of the unloading valves is closed and the precise dosage is performed using the gentle dose tap. At the end of the gentle dosage, the gentle dose tap is closed.


Different faucet diameters.
Different unloading speeds.
Dosing fluids of different types.


1. Precision water discharge.
2. Control the discharge timing of the liquid.
3. Works regardless of employee agility and/or attention.
4. No unnecessary liquids are released.


Initial acceptance container.
Material entry faucet.
Two material exit faucets.
Weighing system for primary receptacle tank.
Container can be disassembled to keep it clean.
Air control cabinet.
Electrical control cabinet.
A quick weighing head for making an especially effective dosage.
Reset and start buttons.
Legs are adjustable to level the system.
System for automatic closing of taps in the event of power breaking.
Open faucets for cleaning the system.

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