A stationary weighing device for gas catrridges

A special device for weighing gas cylinders. The device was designed so that its very low structure makes it easy to lift gas cylinders on to it.


These gas balloon scales were designed to meet the need to know how much gas a cylinder has in real time.
Many factories and gas facilities use this solution to know when cylinders need to be replaced.
Replacing a cylinder in time can reduce production failures due to gas shortages or gas pressure.
You can combine this with a large external display device, cellular alerts and other voice and/or visual alerts.

More options

Large external monitor.
Sound alerts/visual alerts.
Different surface dimensions.
Enables weighing as necessary.
Additional weighing heads.
Connection to smartphones/tablets.


Weighing capacity of 150 kg.
Accuracy of 50 grams.
12 mm high weighing surface.
Dimensions: 450X470 mm.
A chain to tie the canister to the scales.
A 3.5-meter cable between the surface and the monitor.
Comes with J6478 by default.

תמונות נוספות

חזית J6478