Dual Axle Weight

These dual axle scales are designed for ordinary trucks and trucks with double axles (two wheels attached one after the other). The scales are produced in Israel by Shkila.


These dual axle scales are built from a pair of portable weighing scales and are designed for vehicles  up to the size of a double-axle truck. Using the scales, you can tell how much weight is imposed on specific axles in the vehicle. You can also obtain an estimate of the overall weight of the vehicle by weighing each of the axles one by one.


Prevent overloading trucks.
Inspect incoming and outgoing goods.
Easily move the weight for inspection at various sites.
Test the relative load on a specific axle.


Metal structure.
Wireless transmission option.
A diagnosis of 1/3,000th of the maximum load.
Connect to a computer.
Add our software to collect data on your computer.

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