Extra Low Platform

This bath weight has various uses, with its main use being to weigh products on wheels by taking advantage of its distinctive low height. The scales come in different sizes and vary according to the needs of different customers. The accepted dimensions are from 300X300 mm to 1500X1500 mm.

These scales are available in painted or stainless steel, according to customer requirements.


Bathroom weights are very common in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and wherever mobile equipment is used. They’re used both for dosing materials in wheel-mounted mixers and for filling other means of production that are applied on wheels. The scales are  built very low (2-3 cm height) with a front ramp for a slight increase. The low construction is achieved by attaching four of the transducers to the “shoulders” spring on either side of the weight. Scales are available for loads ranging from 50 kg to 3,000 kg in size and use different production materials as needed.


Light loading of products on wheels.
Protects transformers against direct blows.
Can be moved for cleaning.
Doesn’t require special infrastructure.


Built from steel/stainless steel/aluminum.
Ramp up/down (you can also order a ramp on both sides).
It’s possible to add lifting/wheel handles for moving around.
Height: 2-3 cm.
Interior dimensions starting from 300X300 mm.
Ability to add software to collect data on your computer.

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