Weighing surfaces are the most common solution for weighing across all areas of life. Weighing scales are available in different sizes. On this page, you can find the standard dimensions. If you require a non-standard set of dimensions, we’ll be happy to offer you a solution that’s tailored according to your needs. Shkila, as a manufacturer, can provide a solution for customers with all sorts of unique needs.

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Extra Low Platform

This bath weight has various uses, with its main use being to weigh products on wheels by taking advantage of its distinctive low height. The scales come in different sizes and vary according to the needs of different customers. The accepted dimensions are from 300X300 mm to 1500X1500 mm.

These scales are available in painted or stainless steel, according to customer requirements.

F12J5478 Square surface scales (120X120 cm)

The F12 weighing surface is our most common weighing surface and is used across a wide range of different industries, including agriculture.
The surface is painted with a zinc-colored primer and an upper color, with a rugged top tin. 
It uses a standard J5478 weighing head, which can be upgraded to other models as needed.
The surface also comes with spherical, foot type transmitters, which prevent inaccurate readings even when the scales aren’t 100% level. You can also upgrade to floating-foot transducers.
The floating leg performs a similar role to the spherical feet but ensure that the scales don’t move during the weighing process. This helps to combat erosion to the spherical legs, which can happen slowly over time.

F68J5478 Box Scales

The F68J5478 is used to weigh boxes and products in large packages. This is the largest standard scales before a surface measure (120X120).

H-shaped scales for surfaces (120X130 cm)

The H-shaped scales are unique because you can put the scales in the middle and then when you lower the surface, you don’t have to go back. This H-shaped surface (model L) is 7 cm high, which makes it possible to work with a manual cart.

Iron weighing scales for still traders

These iron scales are designed to weigh iron for iron producers, iron traders or customers who purchase large amounts of iron. The scales are unique because of their super-robotic structure, which is designed specifically with durability in mind.

Special 30×40 cm table scales

D34 weights are built with the smallest standard sized surface of 300X400 mm.
Because of this, it’s possible to use scales with a built-in display, although it’s also possible to order smaller scales if necessary.
We recommend placing these weights on a table or a counter top, rather than on the floor.
The weights are designed for loads between 10 kg and 60 kg, with an accuracy of 1-20 grams.

Special Floor Scales (40×50 cm)

The F45 scales are 400×500 mm floor scales. They’re commonly used for weighing standard cardboard and/or plastic boxes. The scales are used by a variety of industries for both the weighing of goods and the weighing of export shipments.

Weighing device for special counting

A special product for counting items in a packing stand for the purpose of verifying the number of items in a box. The product was built specifically to a customer’s requirements.