Livestock Food Silo Scales

This mix tank weighing solution allows farmers to manage their mix stock in a convenient, efficient and reliable manner. The farmer can tell how much of the mixture has been put into the tank in each fill along with how much is left.


Weighing a mixture container requires a solution in which the weighing system is “implanted” in the legs of the mixing container. The weighing monitor is installed nearby and it’s possible to see how many mixtures are in the tank at any given time. At the same time, in the weighing system, the mixture can be monitored at the head of the weighing machine up to nine times by pressing only two keys.

תמונות חלקי המערכת


Weight indicator

שקילת מיכל

Transducers in the legs of the tank


Control the amount of mixture in the tank.
Monitoring daily consumption for early detection of diseases/problems.
It’s possible to verify that what came from the mixing center is suitable for the delivery certificate.
Schedule ordering mixtures in small, precise quantities to ensure that the animals receive as fresh a mixture as possible.
Very simple operation, allowing children and adults to independently operate the system.

How It Works?

  1. A technician and a locksmith arrive at the customer’s site.
  2. The locksmith cuts the feet of the container to the appropriate height.
  3. The technician installs the transducers.
  4. The locksmith rewires the houses of the transducer to the foot and the transformer becomes part of the foot.
  5. The technician wires all the cables into a connection box.
  6. The technician connects the weighing head to the hen house/control room (close electrical outlets to be supplied by the customer).
  7. The technician connects a cable between the connection box and the top of the weighing scales. They also check everything is fine.
  8. The weighing head shows how much mixture is in the tank along with how much was last added to the tank and the date on which the fill was completed.


Weighing capacity of 7,500 kg in the small model or 15,000 kg in the big model.
Possibility of greater weighing capacity if necessary.
Suitable for all types of containers (tin/fiberglass/iron).
A diagnosis of 5 kg.
Automatic identification and registration of mixture filling without the need for agricultural presence.
Fully digital calibration.
Weighing head in a metal suitcase.
Enhanced LED display monitor.

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