Weighing device for special counting

A special product for counting items in a packing stand for the purpose of verifying the number of items in a box. The product was built specifically to a customer’s requirements.


This product, like many of Shkila’s other solutions, has no specific name and was tailor-made to match a specific customer’s requirements. The client in this case was Frenkel-CD, a leading Israeli packaging solutions company. The challenge was to transform the positions in which cartons were packed to provide extra quality control.


Prevents filling errors.
Prevents the return of merchandise and damage to your reputation.
Accelerates count operation.
Lowers the required skill from the operator.
Reduces the margin of error and increases competitive ability.
Improves inventory management.

How It Works

1. The facility where the cardboard is filled is transferred to the factory of a weighing company that has installed a weighing and counting device.
2. The facility is returned to the customer.
4. For the purpose of starting work, the worker places the carton on the weight and resets it.
4. The worker then uses a small amount of sample items to determining the weight of the items.
5. The weights of the items is received and you can start placing the remaining items until you reach the target quantity.
6. The worker can see at any moment how many items they’ve already packed, cutting down on mistakes.


Weighing capacity of 30 kg.
Possibility of other weighing capacity as required.
It comes in a range of sizes.
Accuracy of 0.03%.
Wireless transmission option.
Includes a convenient monitor at the front.
The reader can be connected to a barcode, a printer, and a library.

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