F12J5478 Square surface scales (120X120 cm)

The F12 weighing surface is our most common weighing surface and is used across a wide range of different industries, including agriculture.
The surface is painted with a zinc-colored primer and an upper color, with a rugged top tin. 
It uses a standard J5478 weighing head, which can be upgraded to other models as needed.
The surface also comes with spherical, foot type transmitters, which prevent inaccurate readings even when the scales aren’t 100% level. You can also upgrade to floating-foot transducers.
The floating leg performs a similar role to the spherical feet but ensure that the scales don’t move during the weighing process. This helps to combat erosion to the spherical legs, which can happen slowly over time.


The F12J5478 scales are suitable for a wide range of uses, with the basic model suitable for weighing up to 2,000 kg.
With a basic accuracy of 500 grams, the weight can be upgraded to higher loads and greater accuracies as needed.

כושרי שקילה ואבחנה סטנדרטיים לבחירה

אם הדרוש לך אינו מופיע בטבלה - מומלץ להתייעץ עם נציגנו לגבי הפתרון המתאים
דגם כושר שקילה (ק”ג) אבחנה (גרם)
500/0.1F12J5478 500 100
500/0.2F12J5478 500 200
1000/0.1F12J5478 1000 100
1000/0.2F12J5478 1000 200
2000/0.1F12J5478 2000 100
2000/0.2F12J5478 2000 200
2000/0.5F12J5478 2000 500
3000/0.2F12J5478 3000 200
3000/0.5F12J5478 3000 500

Optional upgrades

Improved red LED display screen.
A height of 1.5m to connect the surface to the weighing head.
Transducers with floating feet (recommended and critical for those who weigh a lot).
Particularly high or low accuracies and weight limits.
Standard steering device.


Upper surface of crushed tin.
The surface is painted with a zinc-colored primer and an upper color.
Standard weighing capacity of 500-3000 kg.
Accuracy of 100-500 grams by order.
Weighing head is a J-5478 plastic suitcase with a back-lit LCD display.
The weighing head is connected with a cable to the weighing surface.
Four steel transducers with ball bearings for automatic weight distribution as standard (for those who perform multiple weighings, we recommend upgrading to floating-foot pedestals).
Transducers are sealed from dust and protected from water.